Be Prepared

I’m going to brag on my client Miller Public Relations today because this team is not only a creative force, they set a great example of what being truly prepared looks like. 

Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”

...and I’m hear to tell you, if you want a Radio/TV campaign to work you need to not only have a great vision but come to the table with all your ducks in a row.  Be prepared.  Each time Amanda Polk and her team hand me a job it comes complete with a full description of what the client wants, engaging scripts that time out perfectly, a suggestion for the music bed and a reasonable deadline.  It’s a VO artists dream come true!  It allows me time to nurture the scripts, connect with the content and turnaround great work that meets the clients needs.  “To be prepared is half the victory” and Miller Public Relations is winning time and time again. 

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"Michele is a versatile talent who takes direction well and isn’t afraid to go out of her “comfort zone”. Her quick delivery of reads keeps our clients happy and makes our job easier."