• Michele Fisher

Front row to the Corona ads show

For 24 days now I’ve been in quarantine and for 24 days I’ve sat front row to the direct effect it’s had on advertising. 

It’s been interesting for sure and quite educational.  If you’re a business still trying to figure out the right marketing moves in the current environment here are 3 ideas that, at least from my seat, seem to be working for clients.

  1. Shift your business.  Encourage virtual experiences, promote delivery or pickup options and consider offering gift cards to use later.

  2. Adapt your media strategy.  Shift your budget to social or advanced TV and update your search keywords to match changing consumer queries.  That means focusing on terms with increased popularity like delivery and pickup, free shipping, etc.

  3. Think about changing your messaging.  We’re all in this together so right now a message around unity will resonate better with customers.

And of course that’s where I come in.  When you’re ready with that new message, I’m ready to give it a voice! - Michele

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