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I'm Gluten Free Baby!

Day 1 is complete. Now what?! I enjoyed Krusteaz Gluten Free blueberry muffins to start Day 2 and I think because I've got this week planned out that, well, I've got this. But do I?! What happens when I'm at a restaurant with a limited GF menu, or my favorite Siete cookies are out of stock? Help! Give me your best tips and tricks for living a gluten free and full life. I've stocked up on loads of yummy recipes but what's your go-to's for snacks, quick lunches, frozen meals, spices/seasonings, GF condiments, etc.. What restaurants would surprise me with a great GF menu? Can I still drink vodka? Does it need to be potato based? So many questions as I begin my journey and I'd love to get a leg up on this new lifestyle. #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #healthyliving #timeforachange

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