• Michele Fisher

The "Medicine" I Need

No, not an over the counter or prescription medication, I’m talking about the medicine ball and it’s abundance of benefits. 

I’m a gym rat.  Exercise is my therapy and a great warm up before a long day behind the microphone.  The medicine ball is an essential element to my workouts.  Obviously it’s good for strength training, coordination and balance and working your core but did you know these suckers are great for massaging sore and tight muscles in the back, glutes and hips? 

Have you ever sat your hinny on a medicine ball? 

Wowza, it’s painful but the more you massage and roll along those areas that are screaming for help the more you’ll see relief.  Trust me, I torture myself on the regular.  It’s called “self myofascial release” and it’s one of the best ways to thank your muscles for their hard work.  I know a lot of people kicked up their fitness at the start of the new year and if that’s you and your body is feeling tight and sore, don’t get discouraged, grab a medicine ball next time your at the gym and see if it’s just the right “medicine” you need too.