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Sound that makes you Smile!

That’s me - warm & friendly girl-next-door sound with a personality to match! Delivering voice over that travels from sassy, sweet & flirty to fun, caring mom vibes and super adorable kid personalities. With over a decade doing Commercials, Promos, Radio Imaging and Live Events, I know how to deliver your words in a way that connects with audiences of all ages.


I was the girl who talked too much in class. You know - the one getting called out for distracting the whole class? Little did I know back then that I’d turn such distractions into this incredible career! First came radio, where I spent 28 years on air in the Houston area. Then, as my voiceover “side hustle” grabbed more of my passion, it became my everyday hustle. Now I work from a professional home studio where I voice TV and Radio Commercials, Imaging for Radio Stations nationwide, Corporate Narration and Children’s & Family Promos. As an on-camera actor, I take great pride in giving a voice to important causes as the Emcee of various events for Child Advocates, The American Cancer Society, GiGi’s Playhouse (and more!). Serving others is a big part of my life, and I love working to better my community.

I also love raising three of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet, and being madly in love with my hubs of 23 years. I’m a great cook, a pretty decent mixologist, and try to hit the gym at least four days a week. Find me listening to music, streaming ‘flix, traveling and spending time with my besties.


Sennheiser 416

Avalon V5 Pre-Amp

Custom Vocal Isolation Booth

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